Connect With Nature: Go On a Winter Scavenger Hunt

Image of a pine cone in winter
As seasons change, so do our experiences in nature. There are so many wonderful things that we get to see and experience during the winter that we simply don’t get to witness during the spring, summer and fall. When the ground is covered in snow, we can see tracks left behind by our friendly neighbourhood animals; exposed branches of trees that are normally hidden by leaves in the summer reveal nests of all sorts; and many animals that we observe in the warmer weather have gone into hibernation to wait out the cold weather. One of the greatest ways to learn about all of these fun little things that make winter so unique is – you guessed it! – to set out on a winter scavenger hunt.
Depending on where you live and when you decide to head out on your winter scavenger hunt, you’ll get to see some very different and very interesting things. The key to planning a fun scavenger hunt is to create a list that is a good mix of things that can be easily found, as well as things you might have to search a little harder for.
Here are a few items to get your list started:
  • Animal tracks in the snow
  • A tree that has lost all its leaves
  • A bird’s nest
  • Pinecones
  • A plant with berries
  • Icicles
Your list can be customized to include things like frozen leaves buried under the snow, branches trapped in the ice covering a pond or lake, moss growing on a tree – the opportunities are endless. If you live in the city and don’t have much green space in your neighbourhood, never fear! There are always things to be found in any winterscape – you can add things like snow forts, bird feeders, or even Christmas lights to your list!

Before you head out on your scavenger hunt, make sure to bring your list so you can cross things off as you find them, and bring a camera so you can take a picture of all the wonderful things you find. When you’re done, we’d love it if you shared your pictures with the Nature Explorers community and told us about all of the things that you found. Keep warm, bundle up and enjoy the adventure!