Connect with Nature: Enjoy Fall Colours

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Samantha Nurse, Web and Social Media Coordinator

All fall begins, there is still plenty of fun to be had in the great outdoors. Beginning in October, a steady autumn wave makes its way across the country, transforming local leaves into vibrant colours of red, yellow and orange. This creates an absolutely spectacular backdrop for an adventure in nature!

There are lots of ways to soak up the fall colours. Five great fall activities include:

  1. Taking time to head to a local park for a walk and bringing along a camera to capture your picturesque surroundings.

    Image of a Bufflehead

    Image of a Bufflehead

  2. Go out for a bike ride and enjoy various paths through Canada’s National Parks filled with colour changing trees. Plus this year, you can get free admission with the 2017 Discovery Pass.
  3. Don’t put away your binoculars just yet! There are still various birds in fall migration. For example, All Buffleheads Day celebrates the migration of this species in British Columbia. As well, Point Pelee is a great spot to see a wide variety of birds making their way south.
  4. Grab the whole family and enjoy a picnic in the fall foliage! Studies have shown numerous health benefits of both adults and children spending time in nature.
  5. Do a fall craft! Use the colourful leaves as placemats for your home. Full instructions to this craft can be found here.

The timing of the change in colour depends on a number of variables so be sure to check regional foliage reports for the best time to experience the vibrant colours of fall in your area. Can’t make it to a park? Take a stroll through your neighborhood to see how your local trees have changed with the colder weather!

No matter where you choose to view the foliage, take advantage of this colourful time to enjoy nature and all it has to offer.

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