Why oilpatch suits are trying to boot Bill C-69

Stephen Hazell, Director of Conservation and Legal Counsel.

Bill C-69 is a modest piece of legislation designed to improve how the federal government assesses and approves major development projects such as pipelines and  hydro dams, and restore public trust at the same time.

Bill C-69 was passed by the House of Commons in June, after over two years of public consultations, expert panel reviews, and House of Commons debate and committee hearings.

But now “Suits and Boots”, an oil and gas industry campaign, is lobbying Senators to defeat Bill C-69 by delaying final votes on the bill so it dies on the order paper in June when Parliament adjourns.

In an article published in the Hill Times on October 24,  Stephen Hazell, Nature Canada’s director of policy and general counsel, explains why the arguments put forward by Suits and Boots are rubbish, and why Bill C-69, while far from perfect in terms of nature conservation, represents a significant improvement on the current failed law.

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