Collectibles for Nature!

Nature Canada has come up with a new way that you can do your part for nature… we call it Collectibles for Nature. Essentially, your rare and valuable collections could be converted into nature conservation funds and could play a valuable role in supporting our efforts to protect and conserve nature in Canada!

This fall in conjunction with our Annual Meeting of the Members hosted in Sidney BC, Nature Canada will be hosting a 75th anniversary Auction in hopes of raising funds to support our efforts to conserve, protect, and be your voice for nature. We are currently in the process of gathering collectibles for auction. Collections or other mementos in your cupboards, closets, and attics could be used to help save our environment! We are looking for items such as stamps, coins, card collections, autographs, rare book editions or other types of collections.

Please take a look through your attic or storage boxes; you never know what you might find! Your collections could help support our conservation efforts.

If you think you might have a valuable collection to donate, please contact Jodi by email or at 800-267-4088 ext 239. We’d be happy to discuss the potential of your collection with you!

Stay tuned! You might be able to bid on some collections at our online Art for Nature auction at the end of the summer. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated!