Suffield Panel’s Report: 1 Year Old

On January 27, 2009 – Yes, one year ago! – a Joint Review Panel made its recomendations to the Government of Canada regarding EnCana’s project proposal to expand gas development inside CFB Suffield National Wildlife Area (NWA). The Panel determined the project could not be approved at that time without compromising the conservation of wildlife, but also set out requirements and 27 recommendations that would have to be met for the project to go forward.

Nature Canada and our colleagues in the Suffield Coalition support many of the Panel’s recommendations. We are waiting for the federal cabinet to respond to the JRP Report and deny any further oil and gas development in the CFB Suffield NWA.

While we’ve been waiting, the Chestnut-collared Longspur, another species that breeds in Suffield NWA was assessed as Threatened by COSEWIC.

One more reason to ensure no more development occurs within this wildlife haven!

Photo by Andy Teucher