Southbrook Vineyards: an example of sustainable practices for vineyards everywhere

Sheep in a vineyard“Organic, bio dynamic and LEED certified, what exactly does that look like,” I asked myself before visiting Southbrook Vineyards recently.

I was amazed to have a tour of the grounds and learn about the many ways Southbrook works to minimize its impact on the land. I learned about the various plants around the building that naturally ward off pests from the grapes. I learned about their bioswale which breakdowns pollution from stormwater runoff. I saw their reflecting ponds which naturally increases light into their building. I thought it brilliant to have a flock of sheep which ‘mow” the land and can be a source of natural fertilizer in the spring. It was encouraging to see many positive, sustainable approaches being employed which clearly balance their business needs and the environment.

Nature Canada staff thank Bill and Marilyn Redelmeier and all the staff of Southbrook Vineyards for being a shining example to others to inspire change. We were delighted to partner with them recently for an Earth Hour Winemakers dinner and appreciate their kind charitable donation which supports our conservation work. If you happen to visit the Niagara area, why not make a visit yourself to Southbrook and enjoy the tour, their wines, jams, honey and learn more about how they are making a difference and motivating others.

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