Protect Canada’s Forests in 2011

What would we do without forests?

Forests are essential to human, animal and plant life – they support the majority of the earth’s biodiversity.

As the “lungs of the earth”, forests absorb carbon dioxide, reducing the effects of climate change. Among other things, forests provide wildlife with a place to live, reduce sedimentation and regulate flooding, and help people reduce their energy consumption by shading buildings and screening winds.

Since Canada is home to 10% of the world’s forests – forests cover half the Canadian landscape – Canadians have a key role to play in the global effort to conserve and sustainably manage forests.

We can start by asking the Government of Canada to take five important steps to protect and conserve our forests by:

  • Forming an interconnected network of protected areas
  • Adopting recovery strategies for species living in forests
  • Improving Canadian forestry practices
  • Reducing emissions from logging
  • Increasing efforts to settle land claims

Take action in this International Year of Forests – Sign the petition now!