May Photo of the Month

Framed against a bright blue sky, this stunning photo reminds us of the elegant beauty of our migratory birds.

With its long black legs contrasting sharply with an all-white plumage, the Great Egret is a stunning large heron that inhabits parts of Ontario, the southern praries, south-western Quebec, the United States and wetlands throughout Central and South America. It can be identified from other herons by its long, straight yellow beak, and by the way its neck forms an s-shaped curve during flight.

The Great Egret nests in colonies with other herons and Egrets – its nest can be found in trees or shrubs and is built of sticks covered in green vegetation. Wetlands – such as marshes, rivers and tidal flats – provide the ideal habitat for nesting and feeding. The Great Egret is also the symbol of the National Audubon Society, one of the oldest environmental organizations in North America.

Cool fact: The longest living Great Egret was lived to be 23-years-old.