A Promising Start

This blog post was contributed by reader Emma Mardle.

Canada’s national parks are already world-renowned, and the nation is a global byword for breathtaking natural beauty. Canada is thus well on its way towards becoming one of the world’s premier eco-tourism destinations. If this reputation could be cemented and promoted, the tide of environmental decline could easily be turned as people eager to make a profit from the eco-tourism bandwagon plunge resources into environmental campaigns and strategies aimed at improving and thus making more profitable their number one resource – nature.

Nature Canada is an avid supporter of ensuring the safety of Canada’s national parks and protected areas. Nature Canada has played an important role in the protection of more than 125,000 square kilometres of lands and waters in Canada’s national parks system while still actively ensuring creation of new national parks where needed.

In this effort to protect and educate the public on the importance on national parks, Nature Canada even lays out the six steps to take in preserving nature in Canada’s national parks. These efforts contribute to the safety of wildlife and the environment while providing Canada with the natural beauty we see today.