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Image of a smokestack

The federal government claims to be serious about reducing Canada’s carbon and acid gas pollution that cause climate change and smog. Unfortunately, an assessment is not being done for a huge cement plant proposed for the Ontario side of the Ottawa River 70 km upwind of Montreal.  Please write to Minister McKenna requesting that she immediately convene a panel review to determine how to reduce the carbon and acid gas pollution this cement plant produces.


Image of Orca Petition Page

If there was ever a wildlife population that needs emergency protection, it’s the pod of endangered Southern Resident Orca Whales in the Salish Sea of British Columbia. Take a moment to send an email to Ministers Wilkinson and McKenna today to protect our Orcas!


Image of neonics petition header

“Neonics” are a type of insecticide used on farms that science shows are very harmful to birds and bees. Please take a moment to send a note to the Canadian Health Minister to encourage her to ban neonics entirely!

Image of Environmental Laws Header

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to restore and strengthen legal protections that were eliminated or weakened by the previous government. Your voice is needed!

Join the growing movement to ensure our natural heritage stays strong for generations to come.

Image of Sockeye Salmon

You can help protect fish and fish habitat today! Sign our petition today to make sure the government gets the Fisheries Act right and protects wild fish, their habitats and the communities that depend on them!

Owl Website Petition

Take action today! Sign our petition to help save Canada’s prairie grasslands and all the threatened species that depend on these habitats.



Help protect nature by exploring the many ways you can get involved.

Image of Cat and Bird

Join us today to keep Canada as a safer place for cats and birds.

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