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Our Beliefs

In fulfilling our mission, Nature Canada operates under these guiding principles:

  • Humans are an integral part of nature. We are dependent on and kindred to its diverse forms. By protecting nature, we protect and enrich ourselves.
  • Protection of nature requires a strong commitment to environmentally responsible living, in every person’s daily activities.
  • Our strategies for protecting nature are based on sound science, ecological knowledge, and a passion for nature.
  • We are committed to regular networking, effective communications, and coordinated action on issues of national significance with naturalists and others who care about nature.
We believe that when the heart is engaged, the mind and body will follow. That is why, since our founding in 1939, Nature Canada has been connecting Canadians to nature, trying to instil them a nature ethic – a respect for nature, an appreciation for its wonders, and a will to act in nature’s defense.

We believe that as more and more Canadians adopt a nature ethic, we will build a Nature Nation where threatened species and ecosystems are protected, common species are conserved, ecological integrity is maintained and people’s mental and physical health are enriched by nature.

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