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Take action to protect over 100 species at risk in the Fraser Delta.

The Fraser River Delta supports one of the most significant food chains in North America but unsustainable development has put it on the brink of collapse. Without your help, it faces complete devastation within the next 25 years. Add your name now to demand action:

The Problem

Over 80 percent of the Fraser Delta has already been lost.

Despite the delta’s importance to Canadians and wildlife, over 80 percent of it has been lost due to corporate pollution and unsustainable development. The area is a critical habitat for many migratory birds, an essential site for salmon spawning, and home to the few remaining orcas in southern B.C.

The Solution

It’s not too late for the Fraser Delta, but we need your help.

A priority-threat action plan could significantly improve the chances of rescuing most species that depend on the estuary while benefiting Vancouver and the surrounding communities. But federal leadership is needed to stop imminent development that threatens to destroy what’s left of the delta. We must act now.

Sign the petition

We can restore the Fraser estuary into a natural landscape that sustains both humans and nature alike.

Add your name now to demand that our MP’s intervene to save the Fraser. With your support, we could turn the area into the treasured natural resource it should be.

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Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.