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Laurentian Whale Passage

This deep ocean valley acts as an expressway for the abundant life off the coast of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The Laurentian Channel supports a unique diversity of cold water corals, which in turn provide shelter for many species when foraging food or raising young.

Image of a Humpback Whale

Each year, at least 20 different species of whales and dolphins journey through the passage during migrations in and out of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence. The channel is also one of the few places where Black Dogfish and Porbeagle Sharks give birth to their young, and it provides sanctuary for species at risk like the Leatherback Sea Turtle.

The federal government has already recognized the importance of the 11,619 square kilometre area for protecting corals, turtles, whales and fish. We’re asking them to move forward and make this vital valley an official Marine Protected Area safe from oil and gas development.


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