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Prairie Grasslands

It might come as a surprise that the most endangered landscape on earth isn’t Brazilian rainforest – it’s actually prairie grasslands.

Rolling hills, natural stone sculptures and life-giving waterways make up this unique landscape in southwest Saskatchewan and southern Alberta. These heritage ranch lands are some of the few remaining places that provide habitat for an incredible number of unique species, including the Greater Sage-Grouse and the Pronghorn Antelope.

These animals already have homes in the Milk River Watershed and South of the Divide in areas such as Govenlock, Nashlyn and Battle Creek Grasslands in Saskatchewan and the Suffield Community Pasture in Alberta. Continued ranching – a practice that replicates natural bison grazing – is an important part of keeping this landscape healthy.


Featured Species

Greater Sage-Grouse
Black-footed Ferret
Pronghorn Antelope
Image of a Greater Sage-Grouse

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