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Defend Deepsea Marine Life!

Off the coast of Vancouver Island is the little-known Pacific Deepsea Oasis, an otherworldly seascape of underwater seamounts, coral forests and hydrothermal vents. This fragile ecosystem is home to an explosion of interconnected species, from the rare ghost to specialized sea cucumbers, sharks, the blue whale and threatened orcas.

Scientists are just beginning to understand the ecological importance and diversity of the area.

But the Deepsea Oasis is under threat from mining and destructive fishing practices. Existing protection covers only six per cent of the offshore area in dire need of long-term protection.

We support the federal government’s commitment to protect 30 per cent of its ocean area by 2030 and 25 per cent by 2025. Safeguarding the Deepsea Oasis through the proposed Offshore Pacific Marine Protected Area is a key part of the solution

Add your voice to thousands urging the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to protect the Pacific Deepsea Oasis before this fragile ecosystem is irreparably damaged.

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Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.