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Saw Whet Owl by Ted Cheskey

Update on Moose Cree – Nature Canada Species at Risk surveys in Moose Cree Homelands

A few days were spent surveying habitat along the North French River, a pristine and unadulterated watercourse just south of Moose Factory and Moosonee in Moose Cree First Nation Homelands.  Our target was Canada Warbler, a species seemingly at the extreme north edge of its range in Ontario and for which Nature Canada is part of an international initiative that includes Bird Studies Canada, BirdLife International, Swarovski Optik and Canadian Wildlife Service to recover this Threatened Species.  We (myself and my two Moose Cree colleagues Bernie and Josh) were successful, as my blurry image demonstrates, in the extreme conditions of biting insects, heat, uneven terrai,n and flitting warblers.   We also were treated to two  more Olive-sided Flycatchers in the same area, and our favourite, the most friendly Saw Whet Owl I have ever met!


Bernie and Josh in the boreal

Bernie and Josh in the moss of the Boreal Forest by Ted Cheskey


Canada Warbler

Canada Warbler male shows itself along North French River just south of Moose Factory Photo by Ted Cheskey


Saw Whet Owl

Saw Whet Owl by Ted Cheskey



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