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Nature Canada gives annual conservation awards to recipients in Kingston, Gatineau, and Victoria


Unceded Algonquin Territory, Ottawa, ON –  October 21, 2021

Every year, Nature Canada recognizes exemplary organizations and individuals in our Nature Network with our Conservation Partner Award and our Volunteer of the Year Award to honour the hard work and dedication they have contributed to our shared nature protection and restoration goals. These awards go to recipients that have taken initiative and work toward nature-positive solutions within their communities and across Canada. This year’s winners are:

Conservation Partner Award

  • Greater Victoria Naturehood
  • Little Forests Kingston

Volunteer of the Year Award:

  • Jean Marc Emery (Club des Ornithologues de l’Outaouais)


This creative community is a network of several organizations that partner together and work effectively to connect Victoria residents and visitors with the nature that can be found around the Greater Victoria region.

The summer of 2021 was a productive one for the Greater Victoria team. It has been running online NatureHood programming for kids, it received a Communications Award for its work commemorating the bird artist Fenwick Landsdowne, and it published a beautiful NatureHood map to help educate residents about all the nearby nature in the Victoria area:

To stay updated on Greater Victoria Naturehood and all initiatives please visit Greater Victoria Naturehood | Nature Conservation  or follow them on Facebook.  


Little Forests Kingston can only be described as a powerhouse! Since 2020, they have been on a mission to restore nature by planting Little Forests. This year, this group came up with the radical plan to plant 3 Little Forests within an incredibly short timeline. In the last few months and with an incredibly diverse community of support behind them, they have raised around $19,000. They’ve realized their 2021 goals and have big plans for 2022! We love that nothing stops this group. They are not only working to restore the land itself, they are doing it in the community while working to decolonize the land, restore our relationship with the land,  and bring Indigenous language back to it. More background here.


Jean Marc is President of the Club des Ornithologues de l’Outaouais, based largely out of Gatineau, Quebec. He provided Nature Canada with considerable support to translate and render resources relevant for francophone audiences. He also spearheaded efforts of the Gatineau Bird Team in seeking bird friendly city status for Gatineau through concerted outreach to potential partners and to local politicians. This outreach has led to some of the candidates for the upcoming municipal elections including support for Bird Friendly City status on their platforms. Jean-Marc is also a talented nature photographer, parent and grandparent, and active community member.


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