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Local Children Take Flight for Wildlife along the Ottawa River


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Local Children Take Flight for Wildlife along the Ottawa River

Who:                     Hosted by Nature Canada

Speakers include: Alex MacDonald, CBC Radio 1’s In Town and Out weekly bird tweeter and Senior Conservation Manager at Nature Canada

 What:                    Bird, Bat & Butterfly Migration Parade: the Migration Parade is a symbolic celebration of the seasonal migration journey that birds, bats, butterflies and even some dragonflies undertake each spring and fall. Over 130 students from 3 local elementary schools will walk, or ‘migrate’, 2.6 km along the Ottawa River Pathway (between Westboro Beach/Kitichissippi Lookout and the Rémic Rapids parking lot). This parade route represents the northward journey that so many of Canada’s migratory species take each spring from the US, Central America, the Caribbean and South America to Canada.

Where:                 Parade begins at 10:30 am at the Kitchissippi Lookout/Westboro Beach, and finishes before 12:15 pm at the Rémic Rapids Parking Lot.

When:                  Wednesday, May 25th, 2015 – 10:15 am to 12:15 pm.

Why:                     More than three-quarters of Canada’s bird species are migratory and spend more than half the year beyond our borders. Of those, the species that migrate the greatest distances are more at-risk of extinction. Children are the best hope that some of these species have to being recovered before it is too late. In addition to birds, Canada is home to migratory bats, butterflies – such as the Monarch butterfly – and migratory dragonflies.

Interviews:         Interviews may be scheduled before, during or after the event. Opportunities to photograph the activities can be accommodated during the event. Nature Canada will also have a photographer present, with photographs available upon request following the event.

Contact:               Alex MacDonald, Senior Conservation Manager, Nature Canada

613-324-7003 (mobile); amacdonald (at)



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