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We are proud to launch a video highlighting the successes of the Canadian Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas program. The IBA program is a global initiative to conserve birds and their habitats. In Canada, Nature Canada and Bird Studies Canada co-deliver the program. Together with our partners, we are achieving science-based results and working towards site-specific conservation for birds and other critical biodiversity.

The video draws attention to the work of our NatureCaretakers – the eyes, ears and boots on the ground at IBAs across the country.


 “Nature Canada is going to keep pushing hard to have the federal government recognize these critically important sites. But, in the meantime, we’re going to have to pull together, roll up our sleeves and do the heavy lifting ourselves. This video will help us do just that by attracting even more volunteer caretakers and by attracting new national sponsors,” said Stephen Hazell, Nature Canada Interim Executive Director.

We work with all levels of government, including First Nations, to incorporate IBAs in land-use planning policies and engage corporations and private landowners to include IBAs in their decision-making. Through public awareness campaigns, innovative partnerships with industry, and strengthened bonds with our non-government partners, we enhance the profile of the entire IBA network and achieve greater protection for these priority sites.

 “Advancing the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of wild birds and their habitats is the core of Bird Studies Canada’s mission – and also represents a perfect fit with the IBA Program,” said George Finney, President of Bird Studies Canada.

You can help protect, monitor and educate your community about a nearby IBA by volunteering with the NatureCaretakers program. You would be joining a network of over 200 volunteers who safeguard areas that are critical for breeding and staging birds and other wildlife.

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