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Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline proposal starting to hit major opposition

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s been a pretty rough week for Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker proposal.  The massive pipeline and tanker proposal, which not too long ago was seen as a “surefire” win by many observers, is now beset by opposition seemingly at every turn.

First, it was concerns about whether oil-spill emergency response capacity would be enough if the pipeline were to rupture or leak. It could potentially be even worse if a tanker were to spill into waterways since they include some of the most important coastal biodiversity hotspots in all of Canada.

Then, it was the city of Burnaby who moved to jam up the whole process over Kinder Morgan’s proposed new Trans Mountain route. If Kinder Morgan is to proceed, they may be forced to address Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan’s concerns all the way to the National Energy Board.

Map of proposed Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker proposal.

Map courtesy of desmog blog

Now there’s a new poll just released this week that shows that opposition to the pipeline proposal among British Columbians has jumped by six points since January of this year.

Oh, and add to these new headaches the fact that Kinder Morgan still faces mounting legal challenges to its pipeline and tanker proposal as well as at least one constitutional challenge. Observers say these legal challenges could cause major issues for the pipeline scheme on account of the federal government’s efforts fast-track decisions on oil pipelines.

Many people don’t know this, but Nature Canada and our BC affiliate, BC Nature, hired what we think is one of the best legal teams in the country to be a voice for nature at the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline hearings. Our legal team was one of only a couple who were there, in person, cross-examining witnesses and presenting scientific evidence throughout the hearing.

For the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker proposal, Nature Canada and BC Nature have hired the same amazing legal team and we’re gearing up now for the Trans Mountain hearings. Given the events of this past week and month, it’s looking like it’s going to be an interesting time.

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