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Get Trim and Lean while Making your Building Green

It’s not always easy to live green or have that beach-ready body you’ve been dreaming about. Well now you can rest easy because you can do your part for the environment whilst reaching your fitness goals. Environmentally friendly gyms have been popping up a little bit everywhere lately. Even basketball superstar Steve Nash has gotten into the green fitness business.

These eco-friendly gyms are built or retrofitted to comply with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED) standards or are Greenguard certified. Commonalities between these green gyms include rubber flooring made from recycled car tires, roof-top solar thermal water panels, the use of locally available materials that contain recycled material, energy-efficient appliances and fitness equipment, biodegradable cleaning products and low-toxin [VOC-free] materials.

One gym in particular has pushed the envelope when it comes to green gyms. Go Green Fitness (Orange, CT), which opened last December retrofitted its 25 spinning bikes to generate energy. Each bike is equipped with a generator that creates electricity that is fed through a converter box and into a local grid and each spinning class ends with the announcement of the total wattage produced.

Hopefully this green fitness trend will continue to grow and we’ll have new green innovations to promote.


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