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Catch the Monarch Butterflies at Point Pelee National Park

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Leamington, Ontario make sure to stop in at Point Pelee National Park and catch the Monarch Butterflies as they stop in on their long trek to Mexico. A few weeks ago I was enlightened by a new discovery regarding the monarch’s migratory patterns and I just wanted to remind you all that it’s that time now and if you hurry, you can, as did Kate Barker catch one the most beautiful spectacle of mother nature. Also if you’re an eighth grader remember to bring your Parks Pass so you and your family can enjoy the park for free!

Photo by Dave, Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary at Pismo Beach

Every year, up to hundreds of thousands of Monarch Butterflies pass through the Point Pelee National Park on their journey down to Mexico. The park is Canada’s second smallest national park and is home to five unique ecosystems. You will find plants and animals here that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the wild of Canada. Even though this tiny area of the southern Ontario peninsula represents less than a quarter of one percent of the total landmass of Canada, it houses more species than any other place in Canada. Its housemates include more than 50 species at risk, 70 plus species of trees, 20 species of reptiles and thousands of species of spiders and insects.

Point Pelee National Park is also a great place for bird watching as migratory species follow the curve of the shoreline, and Point Pelee happens to be where the shoreline runs out. Some of the majestic migratory species you may encounter here (other than the Monarch of course) include the peregrine falcons, mountain bluebirds, green darner dragonflies and many others.

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