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Winter Magic at Presqu’ile Park

Leslie Abram Guest Blogger

Leslie Abram Guest Blogger

This blog was written by guest blogger Leslie Abram who is a frequent visitor to Presqu’ile Park in all seasons.

Come take a walk- you never know what you might find!

Who’s Hiding?

Winter is a spectacular time to visit Presqu’ile Park, near Brighton, Ontario. Winter is when Presqu’ile reveals its secrets. Go for a walk and you may have the park all to yourself, except for the birds and animals that call it home. Look closely, you may see a Red Fox, a Barred Owl (pictured above), or even a Snowy Owl on a spectacular ice formation out on the lake.



Image of a Red Fox

Keep your eyes open for one of the red


Image of a Snowy Owl

Snowy Owls use the lakeshore ice to rest and keep a lookout for prey.


Ice Art

Have you ever heard of an ice volcano, or an ice dragon? Well, Presqu’ile’s got them! The action of the wind and the waves on the north shore of Lake Ontario make incredible natural sculptures on the shore. Sometimes it is hard to believe they even belong on planet earth!


Image of ice on a branch

Can you see the ice dragon?

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Image of ice volcanoes

Waves create spectacular ice volcanoes on the beach.


Beauty on the Beach

Though Presqu’ile is known for its sandy beaches and swimming in the summertime, you’ll never see beaches like these in the summer. Wind off the lake blows the water onto any surface in its way, creating surreal landscapes, Sunset is a symphony of fire and ice.

Image of a sunset

Icy jewels hang from a tree at the beach.

Come and Visit!

Presqu’ile is open every day this winter. It’s located south of Brighton, between Toronto and Kingston, Ontario. Come for a visit – you won’t be disappointed.
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