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United Nations Biodiversity Summit

Ottawa, Sept. 30, 2020 – Comment by Nature Canada executive director Graham Saul on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s participation in the United Nations Biodiversity Summit: “Canada’s leadership at the first ever United Nations Biodiversity Summit is crucial to forging ambitious plans that are critical to protect wildlife habitat and human health and to reduce the impact of climate change.

 “As the custodian of giant swaths of the world’s land and fresh water and the longest coastline on the globe, Canada has both the responsibility and the capability to lead by example and inspire collaboration with other countries to help create a legacy for generations to come. Indigenous-led conservation must be a core part of the solution.

 “We are pleased by Prime Minister Trudeau’s commitment to the next key milestone of protecting 30 per cent of Canada’s lands and ocean by 2030 and to help make that the global target in the next round of biodiversity accords at the United Nations.”

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