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The Ice Fog Phenomena!

Image of guest blogger Andrew Corbett

Andrew Corbett
Guest Blogger

This blog was written by guest blogger Andrew Corbett. 

As winter has seem to come in full force with a record setting snowfall and temperatures dropping, it may be common to start to see ice fog in your neighbourhood.

But wait . . . what is ice fog?

Image of a frosted branchIce fog is a cold weather phenomena that is fairly common in northern climates and can also be referred to as “frozen fog”.

Where are you most likely to see this weather occurrence? Ice fog can be spotted in places like Northern Canada, Alaska, the northern part of the Scandinavian countries, and Northern Russia.

Ice Fog is composed of small ice crystals suspended in the air. It occurs when water vapour interacts with very cold air that can’t hold any more water and therefore tiny ice crystals are created. Unlike regular fog, ice fog form only in extremely cold temperatures. Ice fogs are quite common in the interiors of Alaska and Northern Canada, where the temperature often drops below -40 degrees Celsius in the winter months.

So, if you are ever way up north or experience very cold conditions in your neighbourhood, watch out for ice fog!

To learn more about freezing fog and get a clear visual of how it forms, watch this video here.

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