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Take the My Nature Canada pledge today!

It may be your backyard, your balcony or the local park where you delight in spotting butterflies or birds. Maybe it’s your favourite hiking trail, or a cherished memory from the cabin on the lake. It could even be a place you dream of visiting that perfectly captures your image of Canada’s spectacular natural heritage…

Your Nature Canada is unique — different than anyone else’s — but together, we all agree to stand up and take action to protect our Nature Canada. Wherever or whatever it may be.

Since 1939, we at Nature Canada have been Canada’s voice for nature. Together, we protect wildlife and conserve wild places across the country, and inspire Canadians to understand, love and value nature in their lives. Over the past 75 years, with the support of caring Canadians like you, we have helped preserve 63 million acres of parks and wildlife areas, and protect Canada’s vulnerable and beloved species — from butterflies to birds to bears.

Together with amazing and inspiring prominent Canadians like Senator Janis G. Johnson and many others, we are launching a campaign to encourage Canadians like you to connect with your Nature Canada.

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Image of Janis Johnson

Senator Janis Johnson

“I grew up in Gimli, Manitoba on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Nature was my world. I loved the outdoors, both winters and summers. I have fond memories of skating on the lake, fishing off the dock, catching frogs in ditches, riding my horse in the field, and collecting shells and lucky stones on the beach. Activities which I still enjoy doing with my grandsons to this day.”

“I value and cherish nature within my life, and I’m thrilled that my children and grandchildren share our passion for exploring the outdoors. I’m a proud supporter of Nature Canada because of their fantastic programs to connect kids from across Canada with nature. I simply cannot imagine Canada without the special natural spaces where we all have the opportunity to enjoy nature, right in our own communities. That’s why I’ve taken the My Nature Canada pledge at”



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Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.