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Stephen Hazell
Director of Conservation
and General Counsel

Grasslands are the most endangered, the most altered and yet the least protected ecosystem on the planet. Unfortunately, the current federal government is transferring 1 million hectares of mainly native prairie grasslands (community pastures) to the provincial governments. In Saskatchewan, that means that protection of species at risk on these grasslands is being lost.

Nature Canada has been a voice for grasslands conservation, seeking protection of species at risk such as the Greater Sage-Grouse, a creation of a National Wildlife Area at Govenlock and calling on the federal government to provide financial support to ranchers for conservation work on the community pastures.

Public Pastures, Public Interest (PPPI) has now launched an official parliamentary petition to Hon. Catherine McKenna, federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, calling on her to work with livestock producers, First Nations and Métis organizations, local committees and conservation organizations to create a multi-use prairie conservation network on all former PFRA Community Pastures.

Please fill out and share this petition with others before July 6th when it closes. Already it is garnering support across Canada  – we need 500 signatures in order for final certification.

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