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The NatureBlitz featured a number of group walks, each focusing on a different set of organisms present at the site.

Outdoor Education becomes a focus at an Ottawa school

Jill Sturdy

Jill Sturdy, NatureHood Program Manager

Nature Canada was pleased to hear that Regina Street Public School in Ottawa will become an alternative school with a focus on outdoor education. We applaud the recognition of this special school whose students have had numerous outdoor-based play and nature experiences and recognize that will lead to wonderfully resilient kids. Nature Canada had the opportunity to participate and organize NatureBlitzes with the students and lead Nature walks in Mud Lake. The benefits of connecting children to nature are conclusive—children’s social, psychological, academic and physical health is positively impacted when they have daily contact with nature.

Nature Canada’s NatureHood program is about connecting kids to nearby nature. Its goal is to connect people of all ages to nature right where they live through celebratory events, educational and stewardship activities and wildlife observation, all set in urban green spaces, which can even include schoolyards. And in the case of Regina Public School, also extends into Mud Lake.

Through strong partnerships with grassroots naturalist organizations across Canada, NatureHood promotes nature awareness and education at the local level and exposes a new generation of nature lovers, naturalists and citizen scientists to nature all around them.

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