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Announcing the "Draw your Dream Day in Nature" winners.

My dream day would be by the ocean – I want to hear the whales talk‘ –Myka Age 6

 I love to smell and feel the nature and butterflies! –Selena, Age 10

We’re in the woods going for a walk. We smell the fresh air and feel happy in the woods. I love it because I love to hear the birds. It’s fun to be with my family.Bianca, Age 5

My dream day in nature would be me surrounded by animals!  I love to be out exploring and finding critters.”Elliot, Age 9

Nature provides so many gifts to us, and everyone should have access to nature’s benefits.  Thanks to our exciting partnership with CLIF BAR®, and their special contribution, we are expanding our NatureHood efforts, including a CLIF day camp at Rattlesnake Conservation Area in the GTA on November 19th and other nature-based experiences in cities all across Canada.

We’d like to share some of the incredible drawings from the many youth nationwide who were awarded prizes for their “dream day in nature” submissions.  

And we look forward to their families making memories in nature in the coming weeks and months.  The past two years reminded us how important time spent in nature is for our physical and mental health. Moving forward we aim to inspire and engage even more kids with the “magic” and gifts of nature.

A big thanks to CLIF BAR® for supporting our efforts to expand access to the great outdoors and nature close to home.  Thanks to Vortex Canada for their in-kind donation of binoculars for our budding birders.  

Our efforts are not possible without our regional partners who also donated nature-based experiences for this special contest.  

CLIF day camp winners:

Birding Pack winners:

Hiking Pack winners:

Bettita (age 11), Conor (age 5), Hadassa (age 9), Elam (age 7), Blake (age 5), Kazim (age 4), Halima (age 11), Ayaan (age 8), Elliot (age 9), & Aven (age 11).

Stuffed Toy/Colouring Book winners:

Rylee (age 7), Trent (age 9), Oliver (age 1), Jason (age 5), Logan (age 7), Chanakya (age 7), Adelaide (age 7), Clara (age 7), Brendan (age 6), & Bianca (age 5)

Regional winners:

Nettle (age 8), Cormac & Clementine (ages 9, 7), Myka (age 6) & Molly (13), Chesca (age 7), Marley & Connor (ages 6, 4), Olivia (age 10), Evelyn (age 11) Holly & Theo (age 7 & 8), & Daniel (age 13)

A big thank you to the lead sponsors:

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