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Nature Canada Proudly Awards Nature Saskatchewan with the 2020 Conservation Partner Award

Nature Saskatchewan is the winner of Nature Canada’s 2020 Conservation Partner award. Each year, Nature Canada honours the hard work of an organization that has partnered with them to contribute towards conservation efforts in Canada. With a deep-rooted history in connecting nature organizations, this award speaks towards the excellent work within the nature community—and Nature Saskatchewan is no exception.

About Nature Saskatchewan 

Since 1949, the organization has dedicated its work towards the conservation of Saskatchewan’s natural environment. With over 600 members, the organization strives to connect nature and culture through outreach programs and services. Its mission is to promote an appreciation and understanding of our natural world through conservation, education, and research. 

“We believe that nature is not a place to visit, but home, and we strive to leave a legacy of our natural heritage for future generations.”

Nature Saskatchewan has always been an advocate for Canada’s incredible grassland regions, focusing on protecting the biological diversity of one of the most endangered landscapes. Nature Canada is proud to partner with an organization that is always eager to collaborate and provide guidance. 

What’s next?

When asked what receiving the Conservation Partner Award meant for the organization, Nature Saskatchewan said, “being awarded the Conservation Partner of the Year was an amazing honour considering all the organizations that are out there doing significant work across the country. The Nature Saskatchewan Board is extremely pleased and proud of the staff and volunteers that deliver the conservation programs.” 

The organization’s focus for 2021 will be its Stewards of Saskatchewan programs. With 930 participants conserving over 500,000 acres of grassland habitat and 220km of shoreline habitat for wildlife and plants across southern Saskatchewan, these programs aim to raise awareness, conserve habitats, and support agricultural producers.

The organization’s goals also include enhancing prairie habitats for at-risk species and searching and monitoring target species-at-risk populations. Nature Saskatchewan says it will be continuing to make efforts towards conserving “large tracts of native grassland in the province, primarily working with partners to advocate the government to stop the sales of Crown Land.” It also hopes to continue spreading the word and expand the Nature Canada-led NatureHood program to even more youth throughout Saskatchewan. 


Nature Saskatchewan has partnered with Nature Canada to deliver NatureHood programs in Saskatchewan. The program inspires people residing in urban environments to find ways to connect with nature through celebratory events, innovative programs and stewardship activities. Programs such as this go to show that through partnership, we can connect people back to the environment and create waves towards environmental change.

“Nature Canada has been a tremendous national lead for the promotion of conservation work of many organizations nationwide,” said Nature Saskatchewan. “Bringing attention to the threatened and diverse landscapes from coast to coast to coast carries a much louder message than can be achieved by the individual organizations alone.”

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