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Making your own suet for birds this winter!

Making your own suet for the birds visiting your backyard during winter is a wonderful way to stay connected to nature while still staying warm! This is a simple way to provide another food source for birds to help them out during the long and cold Canadian winters.” Below is a simple recipe for suet that will bring feathered friends to your NatureHood!

Note that the temperature needs to be cold enough so that suet does not melt.

Simple Suet Recipe for Wintering Birds


2/3 cup coconut oil
2/3 cup black oil sunflower seeds
3 tbsp peanut butter with no salt added
3 tbsp cornmeal

Oats, corn kernels, peanuts out of the shell, and unsalted almond butter can also be added to the mixture.

1) Melt the coconut oil on a saucepan over low heat.
2) Add peanut butter, stir well until blended
3) Turn off stove, add other ingredients and mix well
4) Pour into a low profile pan
5) Once suet is cooled down, cut into cakes that will fit suet feeder
6) Wrap cakes individually to store in freezer.

Et voila! Enjoy the company of nature from the comfort of your home!
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