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Getting Out Into Nature Is For The Birds (Bird Enthusiasts That Is!)

Jill Sturdy

Jill Sturdy, NatureHood Program Manager

Our NatureHood Partners were busy over the holidays helping kids explore nearby nature. From Sackville, NB across the country to Vancouver, BC, hundreds of kids and families took part in the annual Christmas Bird Count for Kids (CBC4Kids). Inspired by the Christmas Bird Count, CBC4Kids is a fun winter activity and a great way for families to learn more about local urban birds and bird conservation.

Many of our NatureHood partners organized local CBC4Kids events that included nature walks led by volunteer guides to help identify local birds, followed by hot chocolate and snacks for the young citizen scientists to sip when they return. Their findings were then submitting through eBird, an online checklist managed by Bird Studies Canada.

Christmas Bird Counts for Kids are a great way to get kids active outdoors during the winter months and learn more about local winter birds and wildlife found in their area. Spending time in nature year-round will encourage kids to continue to explore the natural world and develop a long-lasting relationship with nature.

You don’t need an organized event to get out into nature! Why not plan your own family nature walk this weekend? You don’t need to go far to explore nearby nature. Go for a walk in your neighbourhood or NatureHood and observe the urban wildlife. You just might be surprised what you’ll see!

Here’s a short list of some of the birds that were identified at the CBC4Kids events:

[custom_table style=”1″]

Black-capped Chickadee   Black-billed Magpie
Bohemian Waxwing  Canada Goose
 Downy Woodpecker  Hairy Woodpecker
 Mallard  Merlin
 Northern Flicker  Red-breasted Nuthatch
 White Cross Bill  White-breasted Nuthatch
Wood Duck


To read more on these events, check out the latest article on the bird count in Saskatchewan and in Alberta.

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