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Get Your Kids into the Spirit of Earth Day with these 6 TV Episodes

April 22, 2020 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The message to protect the Earth grows louder each year and the consequences become more urgent.

Needless to say, this year’s Earth Day is a bit unconventional, and we’re advised to spend it at home or in nearby nature practicing responsible physical distancing from our usual communities of outdoor lovers. While we certainly encourage neighbourhood walks and moments in the sun, we recognize that many may need to celebrate Earth Day indoors. 

If this is the case, we’ve put together a list of a few television episodes and series with an Earth Day or environmental theme. These are ideal for our youngest nature lovers and their families, so settle in and press play!

“Happy Earth Day!” episode – SciShow Kids

Join SciShow host Jessi and Squeaks the Mouse as they talk about the importance of protecting animal habitats and outline some actions kids can take to make the Earth a better place.

“Happy Earth Day” episode – Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures

Betsy is heading to school and her mind is full of questions about waste—that’s until she learns all about Earth Day from her teacher, Mrs. Connor. This YouTube video looks at why we celebrate Earth Day and what we can all do to help keep our Earth clean—even for five-year-olds like Betsy!

“SpongeBob’s Last Stand” episode – SpongeBob SquarePants

This episode of this popular cartoon was created specifically for Earth Day! SpongeBob uncovers Plankton’s plans to build a superhighway through Jellyfish Fields, destroying their habitat. He and his friend Patrick the starfish decide they must save their jellyfish friends. You can watch this episode of SpongeBob here.

“Recycling” episode – Peppa Pig

Peppa and her friend George learn that “rubbish” can be sorted and recycled. They learn to recycle cans, newspapers, and bottles, and then pay a visit to the recycling center near their home.

Our Planet

This Netflix docuseries is for Earth Day celebrators young and old! The show combines stunning visuals and incredible footage of rarely-seen animals with somber truths about humanity’s impact on the planet’s habitats and species. You can watch this entire series on Netflix.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

A classic from the early 1990s, Captain Planet and his fellow Planeteers take on some of the world’s most urgent environmental catastrophes such as pollution, animal poaching, and water scarcity. Each episode of the Captain Planet series involves the captain and his Planeteers tackling different dilemmas and nefarious eco-villains. You can watch the entire Captain Planet series on Amazon Prime video.

Consider venturing outside for a self-isolation stroll with your family if you need a good stretch after watching these episodes. We suggest trying to find these six things in your nearby nature or documenting what you see through a nature journaling exercise

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