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Dispatches From The Hill

From February 16 to 19, Nature Canada and several ENGOs from across the country met virtually with MPs from every party to present crucial research and expert recommendations. Throughout the day, groups facilitated meaningful discussions and encouraged real action.

Nature on the Hill began three years ago as an opportunity for nature groups from coast to coast to come together as one voice for nature in Canada. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, we had an unprecedented opportunity to give you an inside look at the work being done and the goals we are trying to reach.

From: Grace Wark, Conservation Specialist, Alberta Wilderness Association

While most of us may not be in Ottawa this year, there was still a strong sense that we were all “On the Hill” speaking up for Canada’s wild spaces. Across orientation, MP meetings and quick team huddles, I felt the same connection and solidarity as if we were all together in-person, making our pitch for nature.

I appreciate the opportunity to step out of my provincial bubble, listen to stories from other provinces, and consider where we fit within a national network of conservation efforts. It’s hearing community stories, like those from Val Courtois, that bring us back from the 10,000 foot view and remind of us that action is needed now to produce real outcomes for communities, local ecosystems and at-risk species. I came away from the MP meetings with a sense of purpose, and having felt that I did my part to raise the profile of the wilderness that’s close to my heart, Alberta’s native prairies, forests and caribou.

Thank you Nature Canada for your adaptability, coordination and for bringing us all together.

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Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.