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Destination Nature! Embrace nature this Spring Break

It’s March in Canada and much of the country is still covered in snow. The good news is the sun is warmer and spring is right around the corner. It’s also when most kids get a week off school. Why not make Nature your destination this Spring Break?

While the kids may want to reach for their tablets or video games, too much screen time is having a negative impact on children’s physical, mental and social health.

As a parent, it can feel overwhelming to try and navigate a healthy relationship between your children and screens. Start by creating a screen time schedule for your family – that includes parents too! During the screen-free times, plan time for nature. Round up a few friends and plan a nature trip together. It can be as simple as exploring a nearby nature trail.

Connecting children to nature helps get kids away from screens and learn about the beauty of nature right where they live.

Here are a few ways you can discover and explore nature during the break!

  1. Explore local nature trails in your community – gather a group of friends and go for a nature hike. Discover the winter birds that do not migrate or turn your hike into a scavenger hunt and see how many things you can discover!
  2. Embrace winter activities – go snowshoeing or skiing and enjoy winter in its warmer months.
  3. Visit a Sugar Bush – bundle up and spend the day at a sugar bush enjoying maple season. Many places offer sleigh rides, pancakes, and who can resist maple taffy on snow?!
  4. Go camping – there are many cabins that offer winter camping. Nestle in nature and enjoy time together with your family.
  5. Spring festival – many communities across Canada host spring festivals or events. Check out the listings in your region.

Not only do we feel happier when we spend time in nature, it’s good for us too! Spending time in nature promotes physical activity, creativity and boosts your mood; it also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. When children spend time outside in nature, they find opportunities to learn, explore, discover and understand the natural environment. And it helps to build a strong connection and lifelong love and appreciation of the natural world.

Enjoy time with your family over Spring Break, and hopefully it includes time spent in nature!

Read our TIP SHEET for more ways to reduce screen time and get into nature.

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