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Climate Change in Canada

Canada’s Climate Change Report is receiving plenty of needed attention. Government scientists from Environment and Climate Change Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Natural Resources Canada and university experts have presented this peer-reviewed document. Having been leaked a day early by the CBC and coinciding with the carbon tax going into effect, it’s a turning point for Canadians. But, while politicians are talking, citizens are worrying. A stream of doubt surrounds us. With climate change at a tipping point, this report informs us we should reconsider our current approach. All the while, Nature has been showing us that it’s completely capable of handling this global crisis, we just need to let her.


Canada’s Climate Change Report 2019

Nearly every section of the executive summary of the CCCR mentions human activity as the dominating factor in climate change. There’s no question now whether we’re responsible. Canada is warming twice as fast as anywhere else on the planet. The northern areas even more so at three times the average global rate. As citizens of the Earth, it’s very easy to feel helpless at this time, but there are solutions. With the information we have now, combined with a sense of urgency, we can protect our land and allow Nature to heal. Expanding and preserving our protected areas is what we can do to help close the gap on Canada’s emissions goal.

With the Carbon Tax coming into play the same day as this striking report, it would seem easy to feel defeated but, nature groups are hopeful. Ecological leaders now have a better opportunity to lend their expertise in the developments ahead. Projects for change and improvement already have a better chance at success. Receiving more funds and support for nature groups will now benefit global climate health.

Sustainable Futures

Working closely with builders and farmers, and developing natural climate solutions will push our country in the right direction. It’s a positive push for our environments’ livelihood. Where our climate stands right now is irreversible, we cannot go back, but we can move forward effectively and slow down the effects. Creating a new reality for our nation’s future is in everyone’s hands. It starts with understanding the power of Nature.

Canada’s forests, its wetlands as well as grasslands are massive carbon sinks and natural cleaners— but these areas are shrinking. These areas absorb our CO2 and store it, so when the land is disturbed, whether through agriculture or new infrastructure, all that carbon is released back into the atmosphere with nowhere to go but up. When wetlands are damaged, floodwaters rise and our peaceful waterways become destructive. Human activity needs to change to human pro-activity. For the halt on climate change and for the future, protecting Nature has never been more important.


Want to Help?

Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.