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Barbara’s Story

“Through Nature Canada, we are all able to preserve our country.”

Georgian Bay is my idea of heaven—I loved being in the canoe, peacefully slipping through the water alongside mergansers and loons. I vividly recall once on a calm, lovely day I had my binoculars, camera, and field guides, and I set out in the canoe. A little family of loons swam right up close, and we journeyed together for a bit along the water. I didn’t take a picture or note it down, I just enjoyed it. Even to this day, I can go back to that moment. I can hear my paddle in the water, I can hear the wind in the pines and smell their needles as the breeze brushes my face… Being in nature is part of my most cherished memories.

 Today, I’m dismayed to see our old growth forests—trees that have never been interfered with, every, in any way, cut down—to destroy that is criminal. So much of our natural world is at threat. I hear from Nature Canada about restoring that balance—restoring and reintroducing species and ecosystems. I like reading those stories.

My whole life I worked and saved, and I had good guidance about investing. So today, I put that towards what I value: the environment. Nature Canada matters because we have such variety of natural habitat and biodiversity in this country, we must protect what we have. We have spectacular, intact wilderness and vast forests—Canada is nature. We all have to do everything we can to help nature right now and in the future.

I support organizations that put their heart and soul into their work, without too much show or expense. This represents my values: doing good without a lot of show. I’m going to help both my loved ones and the causes that reflect what matters to me. Through Nature Canada, we are all able to preserve our country, help retain our proper identity as people who love and care for nature.

I love connecting with donors, hearing your stories, and helping you make the most of your generosity and philanthropy is truly my honour. You are always invited to contact me for a confidential conversation about your membership at work for nature or about other ways to support nature in Canada. I’m here to help!

Jodi Joy, Legacy Support,
Proud Whittemore Circle Legacy Donor
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Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.