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One of Many Robert Bateman Art Contest Winners

This week’s Robert Bateman Get to Know Contest winner profile is on Quinn Dalgarno from Ontario. For a complete list of all winners please follow the link.

Most of us have always had a deep appreciation for the rain. Such fondness lies with falling asleep to the gentle sound of the rain pounding against the ground or the exuberating feeling of letting go and dancing freely in the rain. But let’s be honest, we do not always appreciate the aftermath of a storm. So thank you to Quinn who has managed to capture the beauty and essence of after a rainfall.



Here is a little bit more about Quinn Dalgarno…


Quinn Dalgarno – Grade 10 – Ontario


Quinn loves to hike and ride his bike every chance he gets, stopping to sketch, paint, or photograph things he notices along the way.Quinn is an active birder and is able to recognize any bird by sound, flight pattern, or appearance anywhere in North America.


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