Nature Canada

Give the Gift of Nature

Nature plays such a vital part in so many people’s lives. Give back to the wilderness that helped raise you, caught you when you fell and taught you about life.

Spending time in nature with loved ones is by far the most precious way to spend time, and money.

There are very few things in life that give us such joy as spending time with loved ones and appreciating the natural wonders across Canada.

What a better way to celebrate your loved ones and their love of nature by giving a gift that will protect nature and wildlife in Canada for years to come!

Tenika celebrated her 10th birthday in Alberta and selflessly decided that instead of having her guests give her birthday presents she asked them to donate to Nature Canada. What a beautiful way to celebrate turning double digits!

The Cousins Family asked loved ones to make a donation in lieu of giving flowers to honour the memory of their mother, Pieta Cousin, to help protect the songbirds she loved to watch in her backyard.