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Resources for Children

Connect with nearby nature through the various resources listed! From a scavenger hunt to tips on how to help nature in you area, our resources offer ways to get outside and connected with nature.

Image of NatureBlitz Toolkit

NatureBlitz Toolkit

An educator’s DIY Toolkit that seeks to engage children in hands-on learning about local nature.

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Image of Backyard Birds

Backyard Birds Safari

Check off the birds you see flying around your NatureHood!

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Image of Scavenger Hunt Sheet

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Bring this on your next nature walk and see how many you can check off!

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15 Ways to be a Good Neighbour in Your NatureHood brochure

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The Monarch Guide

A guide that provides you background information on the monarch butterfly,
suggestions and tips on native butterfly gardening, and descriptions of
specific plant species that are necessary for the monarch’s survival.

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Junior Birding Guide

A guide that teaches you about birds, how to identify them and what you can do to protect them

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Reducing Screen Time Tipsheet

Download Nature Canada’s Tip Sheet and discover ways to disconnect from screens and connect with nature, family and friends.

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Click here to get the tipsheet in French! 

Image of a cardinal

Bird e-Books

A series of e-Books providing information on a range of birds found in Canada.

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