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Save Our Swallows

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About the Campaign

The numbers are sobering. Forty years of monitoring data tells us that Ontario’s six swallow species have lost more than half their populations in Canada. To halt the declines and recover populations we must understand the causes.

From habitat loss and pet predation, to increased usage of chemicals and climate change; humans have played a major role in the loss of our cherished swallows. However, we at Nature Canada are not giving up on these migratory birds. Rather, we believe it is the perfect time for ALL of us to do our part in helping the swallows make a recovery.

Our Save our Swallows campaign will build a solid foundation for conservation by working with different groups – farmers, researchers and naturalists, to help understand and address specific issues regarding each of Ontario’s swallow species.

How to Help

The time to act is now! The longevity of our swallows depend on the steps we take in the coming years. Signing petitions to call for government action, being a bird advocate, reporting swallow roost sites, following our beneficial management practices, or simply just sharing our messages in your community are all valuable efforts that will undoubtedly have an impact in halting the declines our swallow populations.

Want to Help?

Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.