Nature Canada

Face-to-Face Fundraising and Tele-Fundraising Campaigns

Whether at your door, on the street, or over the phone, our campaigns are designed to reach people in communities across the country. Our teams of callers and canvassers work to inform and inspire people in the community to help us connect even more Canadians with nature and to protect and restore Canada’s lands and waters.

Why do we do face-to-face or Tele-Fundraising?

These methods of fundraising allow us to have meaningful conversations with the general public. Our canvassers show people the impact and benefits they will have on nature in Canada. It’s also the first step in building a lasting relationship with people who care about our cause.

People are encouraged to sign up as monthly donors because it’s the best way to support our long-term nature protection and restoration programs and projects. These programs are within your communities and in wild spaces from coast to coast. This type of funding is critical for us because it helps us strengthen long-term relationships with donors, set more predictable budgets, forecast cash flow more effectively, keep administrative costs down, and reduce the volume of fundraising requests.

What you can expect when a face-to-face fundraiser comes to your door:

Fundraisers will invite you to take part in Nature Canada’s automated monthly donation program and become a Guardian of Nature.

Fundraisers will always wear a lanyard with an identification card. Depending on the time of year, they may also be wearing a Nature Canada logo t-shirt/vest/hat/gloves. Donations can be set up using your credit card.

For the safety of our fundraisers and the secure processing of your donation, they are NOT PERMITTED TO ACCEPT CASH at any time.

How the process works:

Fundraiser will enter and submit your information into a secure tablet and then a verification call takes place with one of the following numbers: 1-888-703-0656 or 613-691-0292 or 778-832-0231.

An agent on the phone will proceed to confirm your information on a secure recorded line and process your first donation on the spot.

Within 24-48 hours you will receive a Confirmation Email from Nature Canada noting your donation details.

Your tax receipt will be generated annually and mailed to the address provided every February.

Want to Help?

Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.