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Spotlight on Young Nature Leaders: Emma McIntyre

Emma McIntyre is Nature NB’s Director of Engagement.  She leads on public outreach to engage volunteers and supporters for the organization’s conservation and education campaigns. For example, their Monarch conservation campaign gets individuals to act locally by planting milkweed seeds in their gardens and in their communities.

Looking back, she feels she came to truly discover her love of nature during university, which in her opinion is a little later in life than others. Her ecology field work allowed her to learn hands-on about ecosystems and nature outside urban areas. Seeing the web of life up close inspired her to pursue her Masters in Ecology and Animal Behavior at Dalhousie in Halifax.

Emma interacting with student at NatureKid event

But over time she realized that she wanted to leave academic studies instead seeing her calling to be involved in community outreach and sharing the wonder of nature with others.  This led her to Nature NB whose mission spoke to her because of its focus on connecting people to nature.

When Emma was approached about participating in the Women for Nature mentorships, she was excited by this opportunity to hear and learn more from a seasoned professional woman wanting to share experiences and knowledge with her. She believes it has been a very empowering, transformative and fun experience.  Emma is thankful for receiving more clarity on her individual potential and a better understanding of the steps to achieve career growth.  She also learned how to hone her leadership skills and how to transfer them within the sector.

Because of this experience, she has taken the initiative to engage a circle of her peers and is sharing lessons learned with this peer group.  Emma discussed strategic thinking and short- versus long-term goals, both professionally and personally, with her mentor, Sherry Nigro, a retired Public health sector executive.  She now feels an increased sense of connectedness within her peer group and in the sector.

Emma stated the mentorship was the most beneficial development work she has done in the past few years and is thankful she will continue with the mentorship informally moving beyond our program.  Emma is delighted to have this special advisor and champion in her corner to call on from time to time.  She believes this mentorship experience has made her more effective in her work to engage citizens to take action to protect and restore nature.

Emma feels the mentorship program has been incredibly positive and is proud to be a part of this work to empower young women leaders in the sector.  She is thrilled to know all the young women involved have increased their ambition, drive and dedication to the mission of nature conservation.  She believes all the young women involved are fortunate to have someone in their corner as they navigate through barriers like imposter syndrome, allowing them to find their voice and build their confidence.  This makes her even more excited for the future as we strive to reverse the biodiversity crisis.

Thanks to Nature Canada’s Women for Nature and our funders for investing in the people powering nature protection nation-wide.

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