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Girl looking at scenic view of the Badlands in Dinosaur provincial park, Alberta, Canada

Women In Leadership

Our innovative and exciting Women for Nature initiative harnesses the power, creativity and resourcefulness of professional women across Canada who care about the natural world.

Women for Nature aim to engage, empower and develop young women leaders with a passion for nature. Click here to learn about these Young Women for Nature Leaders!

Our Women for Nature mentorship program expanded efforts to host leadership capacity-building webinars for young women leaders working in the conservation community.

Our first webinar features Maggy Burns, executive director of Ecology Action Centre, Kat Cadungog, executive director for the Foundation of Environmental Stewardship, and Sherry Yano, Grants & Community engagement director of Real Estate Foundation of BC. Our three panelists join us in discussing leading teams with confidence, respect and empathy.

Please feel free to listen in on the discussion, moderated by Women for Nature members Nora Livingstone. 

Our second webinar featured Nicole Antoine, CEO & Co-Founder of
Four Brown Girls, Joanna Kerr, President & CEO of MakeWay, Zahra Saigar, Leadership Coach at Fireflies Leadership Coaching building both your professional and personal networks to help you grow and succeed in your career.

In our final webinar, Wanda Brascoupe, Co-Founder at
Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund, Demiesha Dennis, Founder and Director of Brown Girl Outdoor World, Nora Livingstone, Founder at Animal Experience International, and Tesicca Truong, a Climate Change and Community Engagement Strategist, shared their invaluable insights on taking risks, and being resilient both as a person and in our spaces and communities.


Special thanks to The Chawkers Foundation, RW&CO., Women for Nature donors, and Pollinate Networks for their kind support of this initiative.

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