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Meet our Members Image of the Women for Nature leaf symbol

Central to the Women for Nature initiative is the opportunity to tell the story of the positive impact honourees have had on our nature and in our communities. We applaud their initiative and commitment to nature. Their generous support and involvement as Ambassadors of our work is much appreciated. Click on the names to read about these remarkable women.

Honourary Chair: The Honourable Rosa Galvez Small icon of leaf 

Chairs Emeritus: Hon. Janis G. Johnson (retired) Small icon of leaf

Hon. Diane GriffinSmall icon of leaf Kathy AbusowSmall icon of leaf

Stella AmblerSmall icon of leaf Hon. Rona Ambrose Small icon of leaf

Kristin Anderson Small icon of leaf Margaret AtwoodSmall icon of leaf Dominica BabickiSmall icon of leaf 

Céline BakSmall icon of leaf Dr. Sandra BarrSmall icon of leaf Candice BatistaSmall icon of leaf 

Janet BaxSmall icon of leaf  Dawn BazelySmall icon of leaf Deborah BeattySmall icon of leaf

Meg BeckelSmall icon of leaf Diane Beckett Small icon of leaf Dr. Valerie Behan-PelletierSmall icon of leaf

Amanda BellSmall icon of leaf  Hon. Carolyn BennettSmall icon of leaf Annie BlierSmall icon of leaf 

Alexandra Blum Small icon of leaf Cedar Bradley-SwanSmall icon of leaf Sheefra BrisbinSmall icon of leaf

Hon. Pauline BrowesSmall icon of leaf Lyn BrownSmall icon of leaf Meredith Brown Small icon of leaf

Giulia Brutesco Small icon of leaf Joan BushSmall icon of leaf Sharon ButalaSmall icon of leaf

 Stephanie CairnsSmall icon of leaf  Susanna CarsonSmall icon of leaf  Dawn CarrSmall icon of leaf 

Caroline CasselmanSmall icon of leaf Nathalie Chalifour Small icon of leaf Joanna Chin Small icon of leaf

 Carolyn ChisholmSmall icon of leaf Valerie ChortSmall icon of leaf Cara ClairmanSmall icon of leaf 

Dr. Amelia Clarke Small icon of leaf Catherine CobdenSmall icon of leaf Sheila Colla Small icon of leaf 

Dr.Isabelle CôteSmall icon of leaf Lily Meunier-CoteSmall icon of leaf

Lisa Courtney LloydSmall icon of leaf Laura Couvrette  Small icon of leaf

Ashlee CunsoloSmall icon of leaf Radha CurpenSmall icon of leaf Leanne CusackSmall icon of leaf

Professor Ann DaleSmall icon of leaf  Marla David Small icon of leaf

 The Honourable Elizabeth DowdeswellSmall icon of leaf Chloe Dragon SmithSmall icon of leaf

Hon. Kirsty DuncanSmall icon of leaf Linda DuncanSmall icon of leaf Charlene Dunn Small icon of leaf

Charlene EastonSmall icon of leaf Susan R. EatonSmall icon of leaf

Karen EtheringtonSmall icon of leaf Dr. Karen FarbridgeSmall icon of leaf  Eleanor FastSmall icon of leaf 

  Joelle FaulknerSmall icon of leaf Jen FitzpatrickSmall icon of leaf 

Rebecca FoonSmall icon of leaf Stephanie Foster Small icon of leaf 

Suzanne FriemannSmall icon of leaf Hon. Dr. Hedy FrySmall icon of leaf 

Brittany GawleySmall icon of leaf 

Julie Gelfand Small icon of leaf Rym Ghazal Small icon of leaf

Lisa (Diz) Glithero Small icon of leaf Andrea GoertzSmall icon of leaf  

Susan GoslingSmall icon of leaf Tami GranthamSmall icon of leaf Robyn GraySmall icon of leaf

  Hon. Nancy Greene RaineSmall icon of leaf  Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Small icon of leaf

Catherine GrenierSmall icon of leaf  Rachelle Hansen Small icon of leaf  

The Honourable Judith Guichon Small icon of leaf  Mrs. Laureen Harper Small icon of leaf

Dr. Isobel HeathcoteSmall icon of leaf Linda Hohol Small icon of leaf

 Jeminah Hu Small icon of leaf Dr. Aerin Jacob Small icon of leaf

Her Excellency Sharon Johnston Small icon of leaf Andrea Koehle Jones Small icon of leaf

Jess KakneviciusSmall icon of leaf Jan KasperskiSmall icon of leaf 

 Donna Kennedy-Glans Small icon of leaf Dr. Brenda KennySmall icon of leaf 

Elizabeth Kilvert Small icon of leaf Dr. Leslie KingSmall icon of leaf

Pat KovalSmall icon of leaf Dr. Gail KrantzbergSmall icon of leaf Rosanne KyleSmall icon of leaf 

Dr. Sonia LabattSmall icon of leaf  Christine LeducSmall icon of leaf

Sheila LeggettSmall icon of leaf Terri LeRouxSmall icon of leaf

Dr. Melissa LemSmall icon of leaf  Megan LeslieSmall icon of leaf

Cara Linzmayer Small icon of leaf

 Nora LivingstoneSmall icon of leaf Dr. TA LoefflerSmall icon of leaf 

Wendy MacKeiganSmall icon of leaf  Cara MacMillan Small icon of leaf

 Marsha MannSmall icon of leaf Kelly Matheson KingSmall icon of leaf 

Elizabeth MaySmall icon of leaf Miriam MathewSmall icon of leaf 

Velma McCollSmall icon of leaf Hon. Catherine McKennaSmall icon of leaf

Isabel MetcalfeSmall icon of leaf Stephanie MeyerSmall icon of leaf 

The Honourable Lois E. MitchellSmall icon of leaf 

Juanita MontalvoSmall icon of leaf Tracey Mosley Small icon of leaf

 Anne MurraySmall icon of leaf  Joyce Murray
 Alexia NaidooSmall icon of leaf Margaret Newall Small icon of leaf

Rhonda Oblin Small icon of leaf Dr. Sarah (Sally) OttoSmall icon of leaf Grace PattersonSmall icon of leaf

Suzanne Paleczny Small icon of leaf Nadia PetrolitoSmall icon of leaf

Christy PettitSmall icon of leaf Jessica Robertson Small icon of leaf

Susan RohacSmall icon of leaf  Maggie Romuld Small icon of leaf 

The Honourable Jocelyne Roy-Vinneau Small icon of leaf

Dr. Dianne SaxeSmall icon of leaf  Dr. Nola-Kate Seymoar Small icon of leaf 

Sandra SchwartzSmall icon of leaf Sandy SharkeySmall icon of leaf

 Anne-Marie Sheahan Small icon of leaf Henrietta SouthamSmall icon of leaf

 Laren Stadelman Small icon of leaf Nicole StefenelliSmall icon of leaf Arlene StromSmall icon of leaf 

Bridget StutchburySmall icon of leaf Susan TannerSmall icon of leaf Sunshine Tenasco Small icon of leaf

 Vanessa and Dagmar Timmer Small icon of leaf  Jennifer TobySmall icon of leaf Dr. Lynn TomkinsSmall icon of leaf 

Michelle Valberg Small icon of leaf Sharolyn Mathieu VetteseSmall icon of leaf

Kirsten Vice Small icon of leaf Susie Washington Smyth  Small icon of leaf Karen Clarke Whistler Small icon of leaf

Alice Irene Whittaker-Cumming Small icon of leaf Dr. Pamela Wright Small icon of leaf 

Genevieve Young Small icon of leaf Laura Zizzo Small icon of leaf 

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