Species Spotlight: Lake Sturgeon

Get to know some of the species at risk in the Lac Deschênes IBA with the Species Spotlight, aka “Sp-Spot”. Today meet the: Lake Sturgeon Scientific Name: Acipanser fulvescens SARA status: Not listed, Ontario: Threatened, Quebec:  Likely to be designated Taxonomic group: Fishes Size: Up to 180 kilograms, and over 2 meters long The largest freshwater fish in Canada, the Lake Sturgeon, can be easily recognized by its external bony scutes which are noticeable ridges along the fish’s body which are more noticeable in larvae and juveniles. They also have a pointed snout and 4 dangling whisker-like organs, called barbells, located around the mouth. The Lake Sturgeon has shark-like features such as a cartilaginous skeleton and an extra fin at… read more →