Nuts About Chipmunks? Discover the 5 Canadian Species!

This blog was written by guest blogger Amanda Simard. This month’s calendar photo features an Eastern Chipmunk. How much do you know about chipmunks? Did you know chipmunks hibernate? They burrow in subterranean nests, waking frequently to feed on stored food. They are omnivorous, eating seeds, nuts, invertebrates and even small eggs. Chipmunks are small rodents in the same family as squirrels. Most species of chipmunks bear one litter each summer with five to six young, but Eastern Chipmunks bear two litters per year with three to four young each. Learn more about this adorable mammal and the five species found across Canada! Common name: Eastern Chipmunk Scientific name: Tamias striatus Range: Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia,… read more →