Discover the unique Algonquin Wolf

This blog was written by writing intern Amanda Simard. This month’s calendar photo shows a young Algonquin Wolf spotted in Algonquin Park, ON. Here are some facts about this wolf you may not have known! Algonquin Wolf Description Common name: Algonquin Wolf Scientific name: Canis sp. Habitat: deciduous and mixed forests, south of the Boreal Forest Region. Found in Quebec and Ontario Size: average weight: females – 24 kg; males – 29 kg Description: a medium-sized canid with fur that is often reddish-brown, though colouring varies greatly. It appearance bears similarities to the Grey Wolf and the Coyote. What’s in a name? Until recently, the Algonquin Wolf was known as the Eastern Wolf. It is still listed as Eastern Wolf… read more →