Women For Nature: An exciting new partnership of 75 women of influence

We can trace Nature Canada’s roots back to one woman—Mabel Frances Whittemore—whose enthusiasm for nature inspired her husband Reginald to establish what would become Nature Canada in 1939. Mabel Frances Whittemore was an educator and nature lover. Her main goal in life was to share her passion for nature with others. So it’s only fitting that, as we approach our 75th anniversary, we continue to honour Mabel’s legacy by creating Women for Nature, a collaborative partnership of 75 women of influence, committed to inspiring and engaging Canadians with nature.

Women for Nature is a philanthropic initiative that brings motivated and influential women from across 
Canada together to champion the work of Nature Canada. By sharing our work and their passion for nature with their networks of colleagues and friends, Women for Nature will help us be more effective in saving wildlife, protecting nature and inspiring future leaders for nature. Our Women for Nature members will help influence, inspire and educate Canadians about the relevance of nature to their lives. Like all our members, they are at the heart of our efforts to engage and empower Canadians to advocate for nature, save species and protect habitats.

Our Women for Nature will join you in helping to fund our innovative national programs which energize young citizens to become leaders for environmental and social changes in their own communities.

Nature Canada’s roots lie with one influential woman. These roots have grown and developed over the past 75 years—thanks to the nurturing support of members like you. Today, these roots can continue to branch out and grow, with the help of Women for Nature—women with vision who choose to share their voices and demonstrate their passion for nature to make a real, positive change.

If you or someone you know is an inspiring leader with a passion for nature, please contact Jodi for more information about Women for Nature at jjoy@naturecanada.ca or 1-800-267-4088 ext. 239.