Finding species at Risk in Moose Cree homelands

Nature Canada’s Ted Cheskey is spending several days in the mosquito and black fly infested back country with Bernie McLeod, Moose Cree’s own Important Bird Area coordinator, and keen Moose Cree residents to track bird species at risk. They will be visiting the potential habitat of Yellow Rail, Olive-sided Flycatcher, and Canada Warbler as well as other species.

The day of surveys was near Ship Sands Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary within the Moose River Estuary IBA at the mouth of the Moose River.

Biting insects were particularly intense the first day, but a 1 degree C temperature during the night shut the biting bugs down until mid morning, Cheskey happily reported.

In addition to locating an Olive-sided Flycatcher, and several Nelson’s and LeContes Sparrows, Cheskey and McLeod were treated to a Moose crossing the Moose River – a special treat indeed!


To be able to get out there, we had to ride an Argo, a type of all-terrain vehicle. It was a bumpy ride!